Automotive PVB interlayers for laminated glass

Saflex™ advanced PVB interlayers excel in enhancing automotive laminated glass, ensuring passenger safety and security. They offer enhanced vision, UV protection and sound reduction for elevated driving comfort. Trusted globally by OEMs and glass laminators, Saflex can help improve fuel and electric vehicle efficiency. From head-up displays to colors to solar applications, Saflex offers an exceptional and versatile range of interlayers that meet stringent industry standards.

Saflex Horizon Vision

As autonomous vehicles advance, the industry faces growing challenges to deliver best-in-class performance in head-up display (HUD) systems and technologies while adhering to the highest safety standards.
Saflex™ Horizon Vision advanced interlayer is the next generation of Eastman’s variable angle wedge PVB technology.

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Saflex Horizon LVID

Today’s cars can feature head-up displays (HUD) that create a safer, more comfortable, enhanced driving experience. With Saflex Horizon LVID automotive advanced interlayers, OEMs can take their brands beyond expectations—establishing new standards in image quality at longer virtual image distances, creating new and unique user experiences, and improving road safety.


Saflex Sound Demo

Acoustic PVB performance simulator for automotive. Choose up to two PVB interlayer configurations for windshield, front door and sunroof. To hear the audio simulation for the configuration, click the play button once selections have been made.

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Driving performance through material innovation

Eastman offers a variety of Saflex PVB interlayers for your automotive needs. If you need help determining which product is right for your project, or have any questions about the product, benefits, or installation, we’re here to help! Whether it’s fine-tuning the cabin ride, reducing solar glare, adding privacy and security, or creating a safer way to access technology while driving, we are here to help you find solutions to your design needs.


Enhancing EVs with Saflex PVB Interlayers

The future of the automotive industry is electric. Nearly all major manufacturers have committed to increasing production and sales of electric vehicles (EVs). Some plan on phasing out gas-powered vehicles altogether.
Automotive designers can choose from an array of Saflex automotive advanced interlayers that meet the special needs Electric Vehicles bring to the market.

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Enhancing EVs with Saflex